💋 It’s for the ones who are hungry.

💋 The ones who are called.

💋 The ones who feel in their bones they’re here to make a BIG impact.

💋 And want to do it now.


I won’t teach you business strategy in your industry.

I won’t teach you time management or scheduling systems.

I won’t teach you online marketing or sales tactics. 


What I will teach you about is the key to your power – your energy.

How to not be an energetic victim to a lack of engagement, a slow start to growth, disappointment or downturn.

I’ll teach you how to manage and manipulate your energy to rise above the stuff that comes up, and weighs you down, so you can create big impact bolstered by potent energy for a lifetime, not just a season

I’ll teach you how you can achieve what you want to achieve from a place of Feel-Good-Flow, where pleasure leads to productivity and surrender can lead to success.

🖤 2 weeks

🖤 4 punchy training sessions to create Feel-Good-Flow in your biz

🖤 A private space to create connections with other Pleasurepreneurs

🖤 Inspiration inducing playlist for when you’re feeling less than inspired

🖤 3 spots available for daily audio mentoring support from the moment you enrol so we can dive into the energetics of you and your business and provide daily guidance

🖤 $77 Training

🖤$177 Training & Daily Mentoring


I am so ready to bring potent energy through my work and see the magic happen.


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Mentoring + Training



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What it means to be a Pleasurepreneur.

She knows that when she follows what feels good, it creates an energy that is magnetic.

She draws opportunities, money, people, short
cuts, ideas and experiences to her not simply by what she does, but by how she BE.

She knows how to blend force and flow.

How to let her masculine build strong systems and foundations and her feminine power her drive, inspiration, ideas, decisions and creativity.

She knows the power of factoring in and following her pleasure, tuning into and mastering her energy. She’s bolstered by a force greater than her, supporting her to reach her desired destiny, feeling anchored whilst having creative expression.

A Pleasurepreneur is no energetic victim to a lack of engagement, a slow start to growth, disappointment or downturn. She doesn’t drain her energy looking outside to what everyone else is doing, comparing herself to her peers, following some formula, staying in the lines of what’s already been done.

She’s a thought leader and an ENERGY LEADER. She’s the one who will be able to be of service for a lifetime, not just a season.

She does things differently to most and knows how uniquely potent and powerful her energy is so she’s not worried about competition or not “making it”, not getting to where she wants to go.

The Pleasurepreneur is creating a new way for women to succeed in doing their work in the world, whilst making it a better place.

Join us to learn the ways of the Pleasurepreneur


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Training & Daily Mentoring $177

Training Alone $77

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