The Mama Cup Filler

You’re in the right place if you’re feeling overwhelmed and undervalued, it’s been hard to catch your breath let alone catch a break, anxiety arrives on the daily and you want the hampster wheel of #Mumlife to STOP for a second!


Here you’ll learn some simple steps to BE MORE PRESENT, be able to BREATHE, turn ‘can’t cope’ into CONTENTMENT and stream SELF CARE into your day, without adding more to your already full plate.


Mama Cup Filler begins....









“I just listened to you with my hubby whilst cleaning the house and I honestly felt so connected and inspired. Thank you so much Regan. This cup filler has been wonderful and eye opening and I really appreciate you taking the time. I’ve also found this cup filler a bit confronting. I haven’t actually looked into myself this much in a long time and some things I discovered along the way made me really happy and others I desperately want to change. Very excited about sitting down and working out what I value most and where is the best place for me to focus my energy” – Jo H


“Regan,  thank you so much for creating the “Cup Filler” program.  It has helped me as an individual to connect with myself again, which has therefore allowed me to become an even better mother to my daughter.  The program was easy to participate in, and there was no pressure ~  In fact, it was really motivating and also fun to interact with the other mum’s who were participating. Amazing job Regan and Thank You for making the “Cup Filler” program.  I would highly recommend it to any mum’s that need spiritual nurturing, and,  simple easy prompts on how to reconnect/honor themselves after becoming a parent.” – Mylissa H


“Regan is an unassuming spiritual soul who has helped me find meaning in quite a dark moment of my life. The Mama Cup Filler was a perfect introduction into personal journalling, relaxing guided meditation, gentle yoga and women’s circle topics. It helped me to refill my cup and perform some self care, which is essential to being the best possible self I can be.  Thank you Regan, I will be joining you again on your next retreat.”

Jane B


“I initially joined the Mama Cup Filler to do a bit of Yoga.  Upon first sharing with the others I thought that I was across everything in my life at the moment, but soon realised that when I scratched the surface there were a few things I needed to acknowledge.  I became aware of the fact that I unconsciously compare my own achievements to those of other women and feel undervalued by the rest of society as a stay at home mum.  Thank you Regan, for creating the safe space to recognise these negative thought patterns and setting me on a road to rectifying this and feeling like myself again. I would recommend The Mama Cup Filler to anyone looking to refocus their energy on the things that matter in life.”

Kate C

Here you will feel further from frustration and closer to BLISS, a deep level of CLARITY, CONNECTION with yourself and an intimate circle of mamas filling their cups. You will become CLEAR ON WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP, and how to get there, and remember how to BE, INSTEAD OF DO.

If you’ve been trying to fit in ‘Me Time’, go on a retreat, get to that weekend workshop or commit to something that soothes your tired soul and sparks your evolution, but the planning, mum guilt, never ending to do lists and ever dropping energy levels to get there sends you to a whole new level of exhaustion, than this is the perfect offering for you.


It’s a course that destroys all of the things that keep you stuck from filling your cup and being the woman you want to be. It’s 5 weeks with a tribe of like minded women ready to do the work to:



yelling at the kids,

feeling frustrated,

being resentful,

being a victim of your &/or your child’s emotions

riding the roller coaster of anxiety,

spending your days stressed out

seeing your emotions as a problem to be fixed



chilling the f^$k out

having more patience

being more present,

prioritising yourself,

enjoying your children,

seeking & accepting pleasure,

loving yourself,

getting grounded

feeling blessed AF

having energy to expend however the f&$k you want

After this course you’ll have gotten past the obstacles that keep you tired, anxious and resentful and have tools you need to be more present, create contentment, release the mum guilt and live in alignment with what YOUR values are. You will integrate each weekly lesson into your life so once it’s ended you’re not only closer to bliss, but you have the skills to carry this feeling long into the future.


You’ll have the resources you need, for the nurturing you deserve, for life, and a lifetime membership to the online Mama Cup Filler – there’s no wagon to fall off, take what you need, do what you can, return to it when you want and collect more gems relevant to you and your evolution with each round.

About Regan Figg


In 2016 I found myself being diagnosed with Post Natal Depression in my son’s first year earth side, which for me, was a shock, and to be honest a diagnosis I wasn’t happy about.

I’d practiced yoga and meditation for over 15 years, teaching for close to 3 years by the time my son was born, why couldn’t I weave my yogic teachings into my life as a mother?

I’m an exercise physiologist, I’ve studied neurology, physiology, biology – I knew about the hormonal changes, physiology of pregnancy and birth and the neurology of the mama brain, but why didn’t that help me cope with it actually happening within my body?

Working as a health and wellness coach for years didn’t seem to really help either, I knew the importance of mindset, healthy eating and exercise but I had a lot more trouble than I expected looking after myself whilst looking after my son.

Being a successful woman at work I’d assumed I could translate this to motherhood, independently, without any help just as I would have with my previous roles. Why did I feel like such a failure in motherhood?


I now know (and am still learning) that there is a better way to prepare for motherhood and a better way to weave ourselves through motherhood, without loosing sight of the women we are, along the way. By bringing the Mama Cup Filler to life, I will be giving you all the shortcuts I wish someone had given me so that you can enjoy life with your littles while they are still little and spark your evolution to become the woman you want to be in the life you have longed for.


What’s Included:


  • Immediate access to the private Online Circle, PLUS immediate access to the pre-course work (This alone is invaluable)

  • 5 weekly training sessions of nervous system, energetic, physical, spiritual, and mindset upgrades all-around re-connecting with your body, re-wiring your mind, re-vamping your energy and chilling the F*%k out (Value: $695)

  • Yoga, meditation, breathing, ritual and journalling exercises and modalities for filling your cup & removing the obstacles that’ve kept you stuck ($199)

  • Lifetime access to all the future Mama Cup Filler trainings and all updated content (find the gems that you need now and experience it again in a whole new light, depending on where you’re at and what gems you need next time)

  • VIP access to me in group setting for Q&A times (What would you pay to have your questions answered and your life reflective of the one you’ve dreamed about?)

  • The Ultimate Transformational Upgrade – Continuous 1:1 coaching and support via Voxer for 6 weeks after the course completion and a 60 minute 1:1 online coaching call 1-3 months after that for the ultimate transformational upgrade and support ($495) 

    If you scrolled straight to the bottom you cheeky thing, I have to say that I like your style, but make sure that this is something that is for YOU based on more than dollar signs and if this course sings to you GREAT, join us, if not I invite you to find something that does sing to you and helps you fill your cup – we need a world of women that are inspired, and aligned and feeling f#$king AMAZING. Do something for YOU this year!

    Investment: $397 or $649 for Transformational Upgrade