If you’ve made it to this page…

> Chances are you’ve spent your life Giving and find it hard to receive – receive offers of help, compliments, time for yourself, time for pleasure or rest, for your needs to be met (let alone your wants to be met).

> Chances are without even consciously doing this (all give and no receive), this is now what the world reflects to you – (feel like you’re doing all the things at home, in relationship, in business, at work but getting nothing back?)

> Chances are you might even go out of your way to “shut down” receiving, it makes you uncomfortable, and it’s easier just to deflect it, even if you know it will help you in some way.

I wish I could put this in a nicer way but you’re fucking with the flow.

In the universal flow of giving and receiving you need to Receive as well.

Women are designed to receive, it’s our birthright, and when we receive, it puts us in an energetic state that allows us to do what the feminine craves which is connecting, giving and nurturing. It allows us to move through life with feel-good flow, expand into our potential and transmute our vibrancy. It’s what allows women to leave interactions, leave the room, leave the world in a better state.

Are you willing to receive more of that in your life?

Have you noticed any thoughts that have popped in already of why you shouldn’t? Why you couldn’t? Why it’s for other women but not for you? This is the start of you uncovering what it is that’s holding you back from receiving – in relationship, in your sex life, in motherhood, in business, in your bank account.

When this journey is over you’ll have gotten clear on what you want, what’s holding you back and and how to get it. You will magnetise yourself to attract more of what you want into your life easily, without guilt.


I am so ready to Receive. Sign me up!


7 days and 7 ways to learn how to receive like a Goddess.


We’ll explore:

Pillars of Importance


Clearing the Field

Permission & Pleasure

Release & Redefine

Receive it ALL



Yes Please! I’m so in.

I’m in. 


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