Goddess Discovery


“When she designs, and then lives, her own destiny, a woman naturally sets right everything wrong in our world.”

Regena Thomashauer

Self Discovery Sessions

It’s not about self improvement, it’s about self discovery. 

Don’t expect me to Heal you, expect me to guide you to a place to Reveal you.

Don’t expect a list of goals, and steps to get there, expect an almost multidimensional way of getting to what you want, without feeling like hard work.

Everything you need is already within you and sometimes a clear mirror and a new perspective is what’s needed to untangle what feels tangled and and create a delicious way forward to a new reality of your desired. 

Be prepared to experience more pleasure and peace in everyday moments, expand your awareness of self and connection to your intuition and align yourself to Your unique values, not the “shoulds”

 I am able to see, hear, and feel what hasn’t reached the surface of your subconscious yet, or  isn’t being said and reflect that back to you with clear insight to re-weave the tapestry of your life from the inside out.

The session and ongoing support is structured around what it is that you want to play with. Nothing is off limits.  Past client sessions have focussed on finding fulfilment in motherhood, generating more Goddess & sexual energy, moving through ‘mum guilt’, re-connecting with a client’s feminine essence for personal, business and creative persuits and more.

I create a unique ‘recipe‘ for our session that is as unique as each woman in front of me, calling on various practices, frameworks, experiences and studies of Tao Tantric Arts, Life Coaching, Sensual Embodiment, Womanly Arts, Yoga, Meditation, and Exercise Physiology.

Expect the following:


60 minute online session


Recorded Zoom session to keep and refer back to.


1 month ongoing support


(available to contact me on Voxer 24/7 to expand on and integrate what we dived into in our 1:1 session )


20% off lifetime membership for the online Mama Cup Filler/Overflow course 

Contact Regan directly via Instagram DM, or phone (text or call) to book or if you have any questions.


Instagram       Phone: 0408062263


1 Month package $269


3 month package $729


1:1 session only (no Voxer support) $169


Payment plans available.


JUNE – 2 Spots Available

JULY – 1  Spot Available

AUGUST – 3 Spots Available